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What is the difference between coloring and balayage?

Hair coloring offers many attractive benefits: it can completely transform your appearance, brighten your hair and enhance your style. On the other hand, balayage offers more delicate shades to your hair. Let's take a closer look at these two popular techniques, which are both different and complementary.

A technical difference

The main distinction between coloring and balayage lies in the technique used and the purposes for their application. Indeed, while the color is applied evenly to all of your hair, the balayage consists of coloring fine locks while preserving the natural color of the rest of your hair. In summary, the coloring allows a radical change by adopting a new color, while the sweeping aims to subtly work the color of your hair.

A difference in effects

As mentioned, the second difference is in the effect achieved, i.e. the result of these separate techniques. So, as we have seen, coloring allows for a drastic change in your look, being able to take you from a raven black hair color to a platinum blonde color, and vice versa. On the other hand, sweeping, working only on fine strands, does not allow a style change as dramatic as coloring, but it offers a much more natural result. It's basically lightening or darkening your base color. It is good to know that balayage is generally recommended for light colors, ranging from light blonde to dark blonde.

How to associate them?

These two techniques, balayage and coloring, complement each other perfectly! It is essential to carry out your scan taking into account your existing coloring. It must always harmonize with it in order to create a contrast and to sublimate your hair in a personalized way. If you have brown hair color, opt for a balayage with hazelnut, auburn, mahogany or copper tones instead. If you are brown, favor caramel or golden reflections. Red hair will be beautifully highlighted with a balayage in shades of light red or strawberry blonde. Finally, for blonde hair, you have the chance to shade with the blonde of your dreams that will suit you for sure!


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