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Summer guide: Here are the essential principles to follow to take care of your hair!

Summer, a dream season... The heat, the sun, the cocktails, the beach... We love it all! However, this is not the best time for our hair. It is therefore essential to prepare properly for the arrival of sunny days in order to avoid ending up with dry and damaged hair. But what routine to adopt? Here is our summer guide for the greatest good of your hair.

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How to take care of your hair in summer?

Straighteners, curlers, hair dryers... Throughout the year, our hair is subjected to many attacks. That is why, in summer, we often have the opportunity to let our scalp rest. However, contrary to what one might think, even during the holidays, it is essential to continue to protect our hair, especially against the sun's rays.


To do:

1. Going for a keratin treatment is a great option, especially for fine hair. These protein-rich treatments help strengthen the structure of the hair by nourishing the hair fiber.

2. If you have dull hair, you can use a hair balm to restore their shine. However, it is important to note that this type of product is not enough to moisturize the hair, it is mainly intended to provide shine.

3. It is essential to get rid of the ends by having a haircut, especially if you want to maintain a satisfactory length of hair. Exposure to sun and sea water while on vacation can worsen the condition of split ends. If you don't take measurements before you get in, you may have to shorten them more than expected.


As far as coloring is concerned, if you need a touch-up before you leave, plan it no more than three weeks in advance and ask your hairdresser to slightly darken your usual color. The sun will naturally lighten your hair. If you are used to balayages, also follow the same time frame and focus only on the roots.


To do:

4. Apply UV protection spray liberally to all of your hair. Just like with your body, using sunscreen is essential to limit sun damage. Before each swim, whether in the sea or in the pool, be sure to apply a specific anti-UV oil to your hair.

5. A great option, especially for brunettes or redheads who want to maintain flawless color, is to go for color semi-permanent. One week after the start of the holidays, you can use a coloring-care that applies like a shampoo. It is a practical and ideal solution to revive the color without damaging the hair too much.

6. It is recommended to rinse your hair with a water after each swim, even if you stay on the beach to sunbathe. By removing salt residue as soon as you get out of the water, you will prevent your hair from drying out quickly and your scalp from itching.

7. It is highly recommended to detangle your hair with a detangler, especially if you have curly hair which tends to tangle more easily .


Elastics can cause hair damage. It is best to limit the damage by using fabric elastics or barrettes which minimize the breakage of the hair fiber.


To do:

8. Perform a light tip trim to eliminate ends that have been particularly sensitized by sun exposure.

9. Exfoliate your hair to remove hair residue. impurities and traces of persistent sun oils left on your hair.

10. Use a hair moisturizer as a weekly treatment to restore moisture to your hair after the hardships of the holidays. Even oily hair can dry out at the ends


Color touch-up can be avoided if your color has naturally lightened during the holidays, especially for blonde people. You can extend the holiday effect until October if you manage to maintain it. Note that for the start of the school year, it is preferable to opt for nuanced colorings with light tips and darker roots, rather than very light blonds which cover all of the hair. This is one more reason to wait a bit before making alterations.

Take full advantage of the summer season while preserving the health and beauty of your hair. By adopting the best practices listed, you can prevent damage from sun, sea and other environmental factors. Whether you have colored, curly, fine or thick hair, these tips will help you keep your hair looking healthy and looking great all summer long. So, take care of your hair and fully enjoy the summer in style!


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