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A passion for 3 generations

Jouvanceau² histoire
Yohann Jouvanceau

Yohann Jouvanceau

Yohann Jouvanceau, a hairdresser based in Lyon, deploys his talent around the world. A master in the art of cutting, styling and color within the fashion and beauty industry, he evolves with passion in this universe, thus creating a tailor-made style, imbued with uniqueness.

Yohann's art flourishes in contact with nature, materials, arts and the various cultures he encounters during his travels. He draws his inspiration to offer unique and contrasting creations, adorned with a neat finish and a touch of originality.


Yohann passes on to his team his experience acquired through our many events, exchanges, fashion shoots, fashion week, competitions...

From Lyon to Los Angeles, London, Milan and Paris and many other cities; the techniques with which Yohann trains his team are most exclusive to offer you a timeless moment.

From the living room to the fashion week

The evolution in pictures

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